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Commodity Trading With Stochastic Oscillators

The stochastic oscillator was developed in the late fifties by George Lane. It is an oscillator which shows momentum in a commodity by comparing the current day?s close to the high/low ranges over a specified amount of days. Consistent closings near the higher side of the range indicates buying pressure while a close consistently on the lower side of the range indicates weakness and selling pressure. It shows whether a commodity is overbought or oversold. The calculation of t…

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Disputing Your Credit Score

If you get your free annual credit report and discover there are some inaccuracies, you will want to dispute the information and work to get it corrected on your credit report. When you dispute the information, you are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act which requires that all credit reporting agencies (like Experian, TransUnion, etc) respond with an investigation of your creditors.

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Apply For Credit Card Offer Online

Offers to apply for credit online are always available regardless of your credit rating. What makes credit card offers online different are the interest rates you pay or annual fees that are applied to each offer. We no longer have to wait to get offers in the mail, anyone with a computer and an Internet connection has the opportunity to apply for a credit card offer online.

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Bad Credit Standing

When you are applying for a loan, one of the first steps that a bank does is to check your credit standing. If your credit standing is fine, then there is a good chance for your loan application to be approved. However, if you have a bad credit standing, then your loan application may be rejected outright.

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Bury The Debt Monster: Part One

In this series of articles, you will be able to follow along at your own pace as you work to bury the debt monster and regain complete financial control. Whether you were like a child in a candy store or you simply spent a little more than you made every month over a long period of time, your debt can be crippling- and effect all other aspects of your life. Use this series of articles to turn it all around!

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Letting Your Property Bear Fruit

Buying a house is a great investment for your future. Most importantly, you have a house that you can call your own. There is no stress as to whether your landlord will renew his contract with you once the end of the year comes around. You simply have to pay a certain property tax every year that is not likely to change thanks to the whims and fancies of a certain person. Moreover, it is lovely to have a house that is witness to all your memories. Rented apartments can house …

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