3 Pitfalls That Can Kill Your Real Estate Investment

Countless people are proven to have made their fortune through real estate investing, and you may have known of a friend, relative or colleague that similarly, have attained a substantial growth in their net value when they sold a home they’ve spent in years back. Others have discovered financial freedom through their land investments, since their portfolio of well-chosen possessions has provided them a sustainable stream of rental income. Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame is one of the significant advocates of land investing.

But like investing in almost any other resources, investing in real estate requires comprehensive planning, preparation and execution function. Below are a few common pitfalls to avoid before you spend on your very first property.

Pitfall #1: Investing in real estate isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme

Investing in real estate is frequently marketed as a get-rich-quick strategy by the so-called professional of property investing. Nevertheless, this can’t be farther from the reality. It requires time to decide on a fantastic property that can appreciate in value, and also at case in the event that you picked the ideal property, additional time is necessary for this to appreciate in value. And just in case you’re wondering, the switching of properties in an effort to get rich quick could be a risky undertaking!

Pitfall #2: maybe not performing a comprehensive preparation and study

Property as an asset class works exactly as any other long-term investment, you’ll need to plan beforehand, work difficult to look for worthy property bargains (or even receive a property broker to do it to you), comprehend the way the property can fit in to your investment strategy, figure out the cash flow which may be derived from the investment, and the list continues.

Additionally, unlike liquid assets such as shares property represents an illiquid asset category. This implies it is hard for you to liquidate this asset instantly without the probability of suffering loses into the true value of this asset. Therefore, a broader research is required to warrant the investment.

Pitfall #3: Perhaps not performing due diligence

Not many properties will appreciate in value as time passes. Factors like the future development strategy of the area, the population trends of town, the financial health of the city or state all contribute to the viability of a house investment.

Regrettably, new traders make choices to purchase properties based on’gut feeling’ or onto a vague notion or belief which the offered properties will appreciate in value. They purchase it based on the sales pitch supplied by their realtor. They do not do their own due diligence regarding the bargain, the prices or the marketplace states, and they end up draining their private savings since the house needs extensive repairs or else they can not sell it.


All these will be the three big disadvantages of investing in real estate. Read extensively and study thoroughly in the house you’re enthusiastic in investing. If you are able to devote to comprehensive research prior to committing to a house, you’ll avoid the typical pitfalls which has plagued investors and radically improve your odds of creating a successful investment.

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